Revista Cuadernos Nueva Serie. Año 8 - Nro 11 - Septiembre 2023


La edición 2023 de la Revista Cuadernos, Nueva Serie se enmarca en la celebración de los 70 años de creación de la Universidad Católica de Cuyo. La divulgación académica es el puente que conecta nuestros avances con la comunidad y desde 1964 permite que nuestro saber y experiencia alcancen una permanencia significativa. El presente número cuenta con un artículo dedicado al Dr. Horacio Videla, personaje ilustre de San Juan y mecenas de nuestra Institución, firme defensor del valor de la educación universitaria para la Provincia, al que se suman trabajos de investigación y de cátedra de Medicina, Veterinaria, Economía y Educación, áreas existentes en las tres sedes de la Universidad: San Juan, Mendoza - Rodeo del Medio- y San Luis.


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    El impacto del terremoto de 1944 en el imaginario escatológico y en el rol social de la Iglesia sanjuanina.
    (Editorial Universitaria, Universidad Católica de Cuyo., 2023-09) Riveros Cayllet, Florencia B.; Villagra Berrocá, Alejandra
    The present work arises as a proposal of articulation between four curricular units of the Teaching Staff in Sacred Sciences of the Santa María Institute of the Catholic University ofCuyo. The subjects are History ofthe Church III, Theological Anthropology, Social Doctrine of the Church, and Educational Research I. For this, the impact that the 1944 earthquake had on the eschatological imaginary and the social role that the Church of San Juan had. . A valuable contribution in this investigation were the testimonies of the people who experienced this catastrophe and the documentation that could be found, all of this was analyzed from a qualitative methodology which offered the possibility of observing experiences, beliefs and information, which yielded interesting results. for the historical contribution of our San Juan Church.
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    Responsabilidades profesionales del contador público
    (Editorial Universitaria, Universidad Católica de Cuyo., 2023-09) Azeglio Carmona, Julieta; Coria, Marisa Alejandra
    The investigation is carried outwith the purpose ofanalyzing each type ofresponsibility derived from the exercise of the duties of the Public Accountant, being the same, Ethics, Professional, Social, Criminal, and Tax Criminal. An investigation will also be analyzed in organizations that regulate the profession at the local level, such as the CPCE of the province of San Juan, and in professionals, in order to provide a diagnosis and perception of reality respectively, on the degree of knowledge and compliance with the professional regulatory framework, thus enriching the theoretical framework with the context of practice today. With the present work it is sought that both students and graduates have a broad and updated knowledge on the subject.
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    La abeja un insecto indispensable para la humanidad
    (Editorial Universitaria, Universidad Católica de Cuyo., 2023-09) Mareco, Gonzalo
    The article presents a significant treatment of bees as part of the Animal Kingdom in the Insects class, small animals that belong to the Arthropods group. Its anatomical and physiological features are described. Notes are given on feeding and forms of reproduction. Its use as an experimental model in various fields of research such as sociology stands out due to the complex colonies they form. The objective is to bring students of Cs. Veterinarians and those interested in these animals, data of scientific interest.
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    Correlación entre neuropatía diabética de pares craneales y periférica miembros inferiores
    (Editorial Universitaria, Universidad Católica de Cuyo., 2023-09) Albarracín, Sergio
    Diabetes mellitus (DM) can cause complications in the peripheral and cranial nervous system. We evaluate the existence of the relationship between peripheral and cranial neuropathy, to predict the latter. 44 randomly selected diabetic patients were included at the Marcial Quiroga hospital in the province of San Juan, Argentina, between May 2018 and February 2019. MDNS (Score of Diabetic Neuropathy of Michigan) and MNSI (Instrument of Screening of Neuropathy from Michigan) for the study of peripheral neuropathy and Blink Reflex (BR) was performed to evaluate cranial paris. There were no significant correlations between cranial and peripheral neuropathy. There were positive significant correlations between responses of the BR between both eyes and BR and the years of disease evolution. There is no direct relationship between peripheral and cranial nerves involvement. The BR is useful for detecting cranial neuropathy in diabetic patients and, it is possible to detect subclinical cranial neuropathy.
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    Horacio Videla : abogado, historiador, político vicegobernador de la Provincia de San Juan, diputado, escritor, propulsor de la Universidad Católica de Cuyo.
    (Editorial Universitaria, Universidad Católica de Cuyo., 2023-09) Senatore, Alejandro
    This article develops a stage in the history of San Juan, centered on the government of Pedro Valenzuela and Horacio Videla. A historical journey is made around these political figures and their significant government work. The person of Horacio Videla, lawyer, lieutenant governor of the province, deputy, president of Catholic Action, promoter of the Universidad Católica de Cuyo, of which he was a professor of History of Argentine Law, stands out especially. He was one of his great benefactors, his generous contribution was intellectual and economic. The Catholic University of Cuyo was his target, especially the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, whose building bears the name of his father, Horacio Carlos Videla.
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    Fuentes de información para seguir estudiando : fuentes de búsqueda bibliográfica para seguir aprendiendo.
    (Editorial Universitaria, Universidad Católica de Cuyo., 2023-09) Cacciavillani, María; Torres, Guadalupe
    This article is a sample of research focused on the various sources of more scientific information that can be consulted for Health Sciences. The objective of the article is to introduce the students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences to reliable bibliographic searches and to name the sources where the main databases of scientific publications in Health Sciences are presented.
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    Lupus neuropsiquiátrico de inicio en la infancia en una paciente adulto : enfermedad activa vs. déficit neurológico secuelar
    (Editorial Universitaria, Universidad Católica de Cuyo., 2023-09) Ugo, Guillermina Belén; Ochoa, Mariano
    Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects multiple organs with a wide range of clinical manifestations, predominantly in women. The neurological involvement of lupus is more prevalent in childhood SLE, as opposed to adult-onset SLE. The objective is to present the case of a patient with childhood-onset lupus with cognitive alterations, ataxia, epilepsy, and chorea, interpreted as non-evolving chronic encephalopathy (NECS), and to discuss the possibility of active neuropsychiatric SLE.