Revista Cuadernos Nueva Serie. Año 6 - Nro 9 - Noviembre 2021


Noviembre 2021: Multidiciplinar Esta nueva edición de la Revista CUADERNOS - Nueva Serie, propone a los interesados algunas temáticas referidas a Medio Ambiente y a Ciencias de la Salud. Sus artículos aportan en este número la visión de del agua como un recurso escaso y desde la Bioética a temas sensibles, la utilización de herramientas de análisis para la medición de la depresión y sobre la importancia de la lactancia materna como protección de enfermedades.


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    Análisis ambiental del valor económico del agua de riego en San Juan : unificación del agua superficial y subterránea
    (Editorial Universitaria, Universidad Católica de Cuyo, 2021) Jiménez, Luis F.
    In the present work, the problem of the irrigation water management crisis in San Juan has been identified based on the difficulty on the part of the administrator State and the users. Three important aspects are recognized in the use of the scarce resource in a desert, identified by the great inefficiency in the distribution and application system on the farm, the low economic, social and environmental value that users consider for water, and the scarce awareness collective that the underground aquifer is finite with a single source of recharge and that its overexploitation can lead to an irreversible ecological imbalance, in quantity and quality. It has been considered that, in the face of the current drought and probably with frequent similar future scenarios based on climate change, it is convenient to unify the two types of water supply source, surface and underground, using new criteria for evaluating the use of water. water by measuring its delivery by volume and unifying in a single rate the value of the cost of the water used. In this way, it is considered that users will be able to identify a greater degree of efficiency in their use, the administrative state will be able to control the level of rational use, avoiding environmental imbalances. Likewise, it is considered that a voluntary registry of users who adhere to the unified system should be organized, to participate in the new management system, with a unified tariff scheme and a policy of public subsidies aimed at achieving greater efficiency of use and distribution, greater economic productivity. , social and environmental of agricultural operations. A mathematical simulation model is attached for the calculation of rates unifying the volumes and costs of surface water and groundwater.
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    Lactancia materna exclusiva como factor protector en el desarrollo de bronquiolitis
    (Editorial Universitaria, Universidad Católica de Cuyo., 2021) Guidet Martínez, Mercedes Jael
    Exclusive breastfeeding in toddlers proved to be the main source of nutrition and protection for infants. Numerous benefits can be counted, among them, the prevention of respiratory infections. Bronchiolitis is the main cause of lower respiratory tract infection in toddlers under 2 years old, thus the main objective of this systemic revision is to decide if exclusive breastfeeding in the first 6 months after birth is a protecting factor against the occurrence of bronchiolitis in toddlers under 2 years old. To this end, a systemic approach has been performed which produced as a conclusion that toddlers fed exclusively by breastfeeding had a minor risk of contracting bronchiolitis lowering the amount of hospitalization and internment should they occur. Furthermore, the data reflected the breastmilk superiority over infant formula in the nutrition and development of the toddlers
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    Efectividad de la Encuesta de Edimburgo como pesquisa de depresión perinatal
    (Editorial Universitaria, Universidad Católica de Cuyo., 2021) Catalán López, Melisa Nicole; Torres Masa, Ailén Jennifer
    Depressive disorders are a health problem that day after day increases its incidence worldwide. One of its presentations is postpartum depression, a pathology that affects a large number of pregnant and postpartum women. Given its consequences and the importance of its early diagnosis and treatment, it is proposed to analyze an effective method that allows its rapid detection. For this, the Edinburgh Survey, used in several countries as a survey during pregnancy, was studied. When analyzing the different variables and results obtained on its use in the rest of the world, it can be deduced that such a survey constitutes a viable method to be used and validated in our country.
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    Limitación del esfuerzo terapéutico : perspectivas
    (Editorial Universitaria, Universidad Católica de Cuyo., 2021) García, Juan José; Godoy, Martín; Nievas, María del Carmen
    The first task of the mature man in the face of his own death is to consider it as a real, inevitable fact, susceptible to interpretation and integration into life. This postulates the need to reveal the ultimate meaning of the human drive to survive, to escape the deadly impact. But we can not. Dying is not just another possibility, an optional, but it is the inescapable end of our biology and personal biography. But within itself there is a seed of eternity that, being irreducible to matter alone, rises up against death, and raises our foreheads towards an endless horizon, next to the God of Life. The human spirit survives beyond death, precisely because it is not matter.